Redesigning and modeling a hairdryer
Timeline | 2 weeks, spring 2019
Tools | Lacquer, turning and vacuum molding
Background | Analyse and redesign a product brand of your choice.

This hairdryer was inspired by:


Redesigning a hairdryer that is consistent with UNIX's current design language.

Project goal

The goal was to obtain as many crafting methods as possible in the workshop facilities at university. For example, vacuum forming, turning, mill, spray paint and laser cutting.

from PAPER, To foam,
to finish
Redesigning the hairdryer begins with envisioning parts of the hairdryer piece by piece rather than envisioning the whole hairdryer in one piece. I started sketching out the parts and details on paper. Selected sketches continued to be translated into foam models. This translation from drawing to foam was helpful to get a clear idea of how that sketched out part shall feel and look like in terms of size and ergonomics. The last step was to model the foam pieces into actual, realistic-looking parts. I laser- cut, vacuum molded, spray painted, lathed, and milled all the parts, including the on and off- button, and assembled all the pieces into one hairdryer. Important to me was to follow a manufacturing mindset while producing all the parts.
physical model
It was hard in the beginning to understand the release angles when vacuum molding and where the split line would be placed.


Un-0 is a hairdryer with a see throw noses. The ventilation is placed on the middle of body and the logo is attached on the back glass-part. Un-0 is a hairdryer with style, what fits in Unix product family.